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Welcome to CFS Services, we are your trusted partner for professional realty management services (Boston). For over 35 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to turning financial dreams into reality. Our investment and property management experts bring unparalleled insights to guide individuals and families through the intricacies of planning and living their aspirations. Ask us anything from realty growth management to capital investments – we’re here to share our wisdom and help you shape a secure and prosperous future with expert realty management services in the heart of Boston.

Realty Property Management

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Credit Score Restoration

CFS Realty & Managment

Professional realty management for seamless property investment and thriving assets.

Consumer Financial Services

Guiding financial dreams with expertise and personalized wealth solutions.

CFS Investment Capital

Elevate your financial future with strategic investment planning solutions.

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Our Services About Real Estate


Drive revenue growth with strategic sales solutions tailored to your business.                     

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Discover your perfect home with our hassle-free and personalized rental services.                 

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Property Management

Efficient investment property management ensures your investment thrives and tenants flourish.

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Property Trash-out & Preservation

Transforming properties with meticulous trash-out services for preservation and enhancement.

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Elevate spaces with our expert renovation services, blending style and functionality.       

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Real Estate Licensing School

Unlock your real estate career with our comprehensive licensing school.                        

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Our Services About Loans & Mortgages

Business Loan

Fuel your business ambitions with tailored solutions and flexible business loans.

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Mortgage Insurance

Protect your home investment with reliable and tailored mortgage insurance.

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Mortgage Payment

Simplify homeownership with flexible mortgage payment solutions tailored to your needs.

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Personal Loan

Empower your dreams with personalized solutions through our flexible personal loans.

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Our Services About Taxes, Debt & Financial Consulting

Financial Planning

Crafting secure futures with tailored financial plans and expert guidance.

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Tax Planning

Maximize returns and minimize stress with our strategic tax planning.

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Credit Repairs

Restore financial confidence with our expert credit repair solutions tailored for you.

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Debt Managment

Navigate debt confidently with our personalized solutions and expert debt management.

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Secure your peace of mind with comprehensive and personalized insurance solutions.

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Residential Real Estate

Find your dream home with our expert guidance in residential real estate.

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Richard Phipps

Richard Phipps

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Damean Hollis

Damean Hollis

‪(857) 244-3195

Britannia Johnson

Britannia Johnson

(857) 445-9260

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Explore the testimonials from our valued clients and discover the genuine experiences that define Consumer Financial Services. From financial triumphs to personalized service, our clients share stories that resonate with trust, reliability, and success.

“Consumer Financial Services has been a beacon of financial wisdom for me. Their expert guidance and personalized strategies have transformed my financial landscape. The team’s dedication and experience shine through in every interaction, making them my go-to for financial consulting. With CFS, I’ve not just found a service; I’ve found a partner in my financial journey.”

Richard Phipps