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Consumer Financial Services has been a dedicated partner in optimizing financial outcomes for individuals and families for more than three decades. Through successfully navigating and resolving a myriad of financial challenges on behalf of our clients, our extensive experience has granted us valuable insights and advantages that we are eager to share with you. Feel free to ask our experts any question – your financial goals are our priority!

Our Services



Self-employment, real property rentals, and unique deductions to minimize your tax liability and maximize your tax refund is our goal while serving you.

Financial Planning

We collect the data necessary to complete a comprehensive review of an individual’s current pay and future financial state by using current known variables to predict future income, asset values and withdrawal plans.

Credit Repair

We work to eliminate errors from your credit report, negotiate balances for settlement, and increase your credit score in a 6 or 12 month program based on your needs.

Debt Managment

We assist with the creation of your budget based on your income and needs and recommend ways to minimize or eliminate your debt including settlement of some debt as maybe appropriate or possible based on your resources and identify ways to create a savings program.


Car insurance replaces your car in the event of a 100% loss. Homeowners insurance replaces your house in the event of a 100% loss. LIFE insurance replaces your INCOME in the event of 100% loss. We offer products and services to life, health, disability and savings through annuity programs all of which are need-based on your capacity or resources.

Residential Real Estate

Offering tailored support and expertise in residential real estate transactions, guiding clients through buying, selling, or investing to achieve their specific property objectives.




Specializing in commercial tax planning to help businesses minimize tax burdens and maximize returns while complying with current tax rules and regulations.

Unclaimed Funds Recovery Program

Identifying and reclaiming unclaimed funds to match individuals with their lost assets through a targeted recovery program.

Payroll Services

Streamlining payroll processes and ensuring compliance to ease the burden on businesses while optimizing accuracy and efficiency.

Business Consulting

Providing strategic guidance and insights to businesses for enhanced performance, growth, and effective decision-making.

Private Money Loans

Offering personalized lending solutions tailored to individual needs, providing quick and flexible access to private capital.

Commercial Real Estate

Facilitating transactions and advising on commercial real estate ventures to help clients navigate and capitalize on opportunities in the market.

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The personalized financial planning was a game-changer, aligning perfectly with my goals. Their expert team guided me through strategic investments, and I’m now confidently building wealth for a secure future. Truly, a partner committed to my financial success.

The innovative tools for budgeting have simplified my life, and their digital-savvy approach to investment management is unmatched. The transparency and trust they bring to the table make me feel in control of my finances. I recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable partner in their financial journey.

Richard Phipps